Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…


I guess this is where I can write a bit about the author.  My name is Corey Libow and I’m a pretty big music nerd.   HungryHippopotamus is ostensibly a hip hop blog but I wasn’t always into hip hop.  My musical consciousness was first awakened (like any white millennial) by Eminem after seeing 8 Mile and getting The Eminem Show one special Hannukah.  But I didn’t really start researching and understanding music until I got into classic rock after visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, which back in 2003 wasn’t quite as much a joke as it is now.  As I got older, my music tastes got steadily more modern.  By the end of high school I was writing final papers on the punk scene in the late 70’s, in college I was exploring the golden age of hip hop, and by the time I graduated I was writing my senior thesis about West Coast Hip Hop and connecting to Kendrick Lamar and today’s scene.

This blog is a way for me to formulate my ideas about rap music and try to process everything that’s happening in the wonderful internet driven age we live in.  My first post kind of lays out my mission statement; characterize what it’s like to come of age to music right now as opposed to any other era.  I don’t know nearly as much about music as I’d like to and writing down my thoughts is a great way to go out and explore new things.  Hopefully some people will discover some great new music as well.


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