Hungry Hippopotamus Best Albums of 2014: #4 – Rich Gang


Reacquaint yourself with the list here and here.

Atlanta is one of the most creative and chaotic places in rap, offering up new stars and seeing them fizzle out in the time span it takes a major label to make a decision. It has the greatest rap infrastructure in the country, but in 2014 it yielded more hot singles than lasting projects. Enter Birdman, CEO of Cash Money Records, always on the hunt for new talent, taking two of ATL’s hottest new rappers under his wing and putting them in his own collective, Rich Gang. It was a match made in heaven. Tha Tour Part 1 is a showcase for the chemistry between Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan, their natural pop instincts highlighted by the opulent sparkle of breakout producer London On Da Track, and their shrill ebullience given gravitas by Birdman’s (absolutely essential) shit talk peppered all over the record. The tape was supposed to just be a preview; an advertisement for greater things to come. But Tha Tour Part 1 exceeded expectations and ended up as the best mixtape of the year.

Young Thug spent 2014 as a rap supernova, stopping time and bending gravity with every verse. But he always did his best work with partners who either provided a strong base to bounce off of (see T.I. or Trae The Truth), or ones who could keep up the energy and let Thug stay in the stratosphere (see PeeWee Longway and Bloody Jay). But Quan is different. They speak the same language and carve out areas in their music that weren’t there before. Their chemistry is vidid in every bar; the way they finish each other’s thoughts, the way they relate to what the other said, the obscure references to each other’s songs. There are strong solo moments on the tape. Quan delivers a touching love ballad in “Milk Marie” and Thugga goes super saiyan on opener “Givenchy,” but they really just act as filler for the glorious duets that highlight the mixtape. Quan claimed that him and Thug were the best duo since Outkast and that’s a heavy crown to bear. But after hearing them harmonize (harmonies! in rap!) it’s hard not to believe it too.

There a ton of great moments on Tha Tour Part 1, from the bonkers beats from London On Da Track and Dun Deal, to the way Birdman describes his bathroom, to Young Thug saying Uber (UUUUUU-BAHHH, it can never be said any other way now), but the thread connecting this large, unorganized project is the fraternity between the two leads. Rich Homie Quan plays the romantic, always searching for love, always crusading for a better lot in life. Thugga Thug plays the cynic, enjoying the moment while hardening his heart for the next. They’re like a rap game Boy Meets World. It’s a partnership that allows them to celebrate the joys of cunnilingus in “Tell Em (Lies)” and then drop a heartbreakingly poignant song about teaching their kids how to grow up on “Freestyle” without any dissonance. It’s a reminder that these guys are artists and their music has just as much depth as any other rap out there.

Looking back from a distance, the best mixtape of 2014 seems like a lost opportunity. The cast and characters that made this tape so wonderful are no longer together. Rich Homie Quan has focused on his solo career, leading to a rift with him and Young Thug. Birdman’s relationship with Thug has shifted from inspirational to menacing due to all the drama with his former protege Lil Wayne. Tha Tour Pt. 1 was named for two reasons: there would be a tour featuring Quan and Thug, and there would be a part two. Neither has happened. If this was going to be their one moment it would have been great if they made it truly spectacular: cleaned up the sound quality, edited out the excess tracks, added their hit single “Lifestyle” and some other standouts from the hundreds of songs they recorded, and really carved out their spot in rap history. But alas, Tha Tour Pt. 1 remains a beautiful anomaly, a brief moment where the sum total of its parts added up to something greater than the individuals. 

Get the mixtape here. It’s free!


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