The Fourth And Fireworks: LA’s Winning Streak


There’s been a lot happening in the music world lately, and I’m sure you’ve heard of some big name albums dropped recently by some big name people.  I know the internet has the attention span of an infant, but stay tuned and those reviews will be coming.  I prefer to let the albums marinate for a little and then form an opinion rather than blurt out snap judgments.  Rushed reviews aren’t helpful and there is no reason to compromise the music for some artificial deadline.  Meanwhile, while everybody’s watching the throne, don’t forget about all the other great music that’s happening.

I recently reviewed Problem’s new mixtape The Separation over at Passion Of The Weiss, one of the best music sites around.  You can read that here.  I’m very proud of the review (I got to mention Steph Curry) and hopefully more work at other places will follow.  Problem is an LA rapper who’s been bubbling for a while and looks like he’s finally breaking out.  He’s one of the most fun rappers around and he’s already dropped two great projects this year.

LA stays owning the summer and more great music has been released.  Two of DJ Mustard’s R&B collaborators have put out projects in the last week.  Ty Dolla $ign shines in Beach House 2, saying very foul things in a very sweet manner.  He recently signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang imprint, and his features show the rise in stature as Wiz, Juicy J, and others show up.  Wiz is having a great year too, but that’s a different topic altogether.

For a special independence day treat, ratchet singer Tee Flii linked up for a mixtape ENTIRELY produced by MVP DJ Mustard.  Get Fireworks and go do dumb things.  I love the R&B explosion of the last few years.  Almost every rap crew has their own resident singer, and the new R&B has this lyrical quality that’s completely informed by hip hop sensibilities.  Frank Ocean could easily be a rapper, he just happens to sing well.  Either way, it’s nice that the new R&B can get down and dirty and doesn’t have to be so beautiful and ethereal.  As much as I love abstract allegories, sometimes I need to hear marching orders to start twerking.  It is the summer after all.


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